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Why us?
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  • We are qualified members of the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters, with a solid professional background. 
  • We have 25 years' experience in translating from English, Spanish, and French into Italian. 
  • We have translated over 90 books and over 50 articles, and written about 20 books. 
  • We write articles about translation and hold university seminars on translation on a regular basis; we have a blog and a monthly newsletter about translation. 
  • In order to provide a better result, we work together on each translation, double-checking it for mistakes. 
  • Our customers are major Italian publishers such as Einaudi, BUR, Feltrinelli, EDT, Il Saggiatore, Mattioli 1885, as well as foreign authors, Italian magazines, translation agencies and private companies. 

Praise for Cosi e Repossi

"Francesca Cosi and Alessandra Repossi are meticulous, intelligent, sensitive translators of English-Italian literature. They completed the first novel's bilingual translation carefully and within our agreed time parameters. I have hired them to do additional translations as a result. Working with them has been a pleasure, and I highly recommend them."
Gerard LaSalle - Award-winning author

"Francesca and Alessandra are amazingly fast, thorough, and professional translators, and a pleasure to work with. I hope they'll be available for all my future books!"
Barry Eisler - Award-winning author

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